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Sell your inventory online with fast deposits, stop the price-checker in your store, and professionalize your business email.

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A website that boosts your bottom-line.

Showcase and sell your inventory online

Allow your customer to purchase from your store whenever and wherever they please. Fully customizable shipping and fulfillment solutions allows you to fulfill their orders on your own terms.

Increase revenue and retention with gift cards

Let your best customers give the gift of purchasing from your store. Online gift card sales become quick and simple revenue boosters while encouraging your loyal customers to spread word of mouth with a guaranteed sale.

Retail Wifi - Facebook Wifi for Retail and Shops - Wifi and Networking Systems by AdamLouis


Provide your customers with free wifi and prevent them from price-checking.

Prevents the price-check

Your public wifi hotspot can intelligently slow down the speed of competing websites and apps. This allows your store to be the more convenient purchase – and provides the added opportunity to sell your customer experience.

Increases Facebook page engagement

Our wifi system asks your customers to check-in and like your Facebook page before receiving free wifi. This spreads the word to their family and friends that they have chosen to shop with you.

Retail Email Accounts - Business Email for Retailers and Shops - Managed Business Email Systems by AdamLouis


Make a statement when emailing your customers and vendors.

Professionalize your email experience

Customers trust a branded email address more than those generic free Gmail, Yahoo, or AOL email accounts. Having an email account using your domain name furthers your branding with vendors as well.

Managed support for all your devices

Service includes setup and support on all devices for you and your staff. We manage the importing and redirecting of old email accounts so you never miss an email sent to an old address.

Retail Phone Systems - Business phone for Retailers and Shops - Managed Business Phone Systems by AdamLouis


Your modern retail phone system for a perfect customer experience.

Press one to hear your store hours

Your phone system can answer your customer’s frequent questions with a simple announcement-only extension. Free up your phone line for the important calls.

Route your customers to the right person

Having multiple extensions for different departments lets your customers route themselves to the right person faster. Let your phone system do the work of transferring the call and finding the staff member.

Bring your retail business online

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